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Fear of embarrassing situations

Some people fear embarrassing events based on their individual characteristic features. An example of this would be: “I always have to go to the bathroom when that’s not possible” (in a meeting, on a plane, at the theater, on the subway). Another example would be: “When I worry about needing the bathroom, I need to go even more; and then I go five times and can barely leave my home anymore.” Or even: "I’m so worried about coughing at the theater, my throat starts to tickle ... and then I really have to cough."

If you are so preoccupied with things like this that you can hardly think of anything else and you start to avoid certain situations, then you need help – because it can be excruciating. Together, we’ll come up a way out of these tricky situations. I’ll provide you with exercises and techniques that will enable you to deal with such situations differently. We’ll also work on all of your beliefs and convictions that stop you from staying relaxed.

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