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Fürchten Sie sich vor dem Tod oder vor dem Sterben?

Fear of infection or contamination

The fear of infection or contamination – also known as mysophobia – can make people overcautious in personal encounters. Sufferers may avoid hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, or withdraw completely from social life. They are afraid of germs, often with a pronounced fear of viruses and bacteria. In recent times, this fear has spread widely through the population due to the corona crisis.Sufferers may engage in various avoidance tactics. Some neglect social or professional activities, others suffer from depression, and some resort to compulsive washing or cleaning. Frequently, relatives are requested (or even compelled!) to cater to the sufferer’s condition by adapting their own behavior accordingly.

More and more, the sufferer spends their day worrying about whether they could catch an infection on account of their actions or the actions of those around them.Not only do they fear airborne infections from breathing, coughing, or sneezing, but also potentially contaminated door handles, seats, toilets, hotel beds, elevator buttons, or other objects. 

As a consequence, some people spend far too much time washing themselves or cleaning everyday objects. Encumbered by worries about possible contamination, they “waste” a great portion of their lives on their thoughts – often involuntarily. Some feel positively dirty; others fear they will fall ill. 

The above symptoms tend to spread and take on a life of their own, so it’s important to work on keeping them under control. In the long-term, however, sufferers will only find relief by working out how and why the fear evolved, and by dealing with the root cause of the problem. 


The sooner one begins treatment, the less these fears will be able to take root – so please don’t hesitate to call and find out more, completely without obligations. 

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