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Fürchten Sie sich vor dem Tod oder vor dem Sterben?

Fear of vomotig

This fear is also known as emetophobia and is much more common than most people think. It can take different forms: some people are scared that they will vomit; others are scared that people will see them vomit; and yet others are scared that they will see someone else vomit. The exact nature of the fear also differs. Some fear the vomit itself and find it revolting, while others fear the loss of control which vomiting entails. Others are scared they could be infected and fall ill.

No matter what your fears are in this respect, we’ll explore the root causes in your coaching session, because this is almost always where you’ll find the answer to the problem. Often, an unpleasant experience from the past has enabled the fear to take on a life of its own, so you’ll need to reprocess that experience ... and develop new, healthier mental images and attitudes to vomit which will then displace the fear.

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