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Free of fear

Fear is a vital mechanism in everyday life.

Free of fear

When we are confronted with a dangerous situation our reactions are instinctively alert and concentrated. But if this impulse - which is vital for our survival - takes on a life of its own, it can turn into an enormous burden and affect our quality of life.

From Protector to Brake

Stage fright when giving a company presentation causes our voice to break, with embarrassing consequences. Severe shyness causes stress in all sorts of situations. Fear of flying not only restricts travel opportunities but possibly also our career development. Fear of driving makes our world smaller. Fear of exams stops us from gaining further qualifications. Fear of relationships means that we miss opportunities to lead a happier life. We panic at the sight of spiders, dogs, or even just certain objects. Fear of heights, fear of death, fear of restricted spaces, fear of crowds - the list is endless.

All these fears have something in common: they cause a change in behavior and hold us back unnecessarily. We are immediately overcome by fear or anxiety, even though we know, rationally, that the situations are manageable. Many affected people develop strategies to avoid certain situations. But they do not have enough courage or initiative to break free from the situation. It’s time to take action!

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