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FAQ About Me and My Work

Why the issue of “fear” is at the centre of my work with people

Regardless of where I carry out my work, whether in a hospital, in crisis management or in competence training, one experience is always the same: fear is the pivotal issue in the lives of many affected people. Fear can be the cause of further symptoms or subsequent associated illnesses; or conversely, it can be the symptom of other difficulties in a person’s life.

It gives me great satisfaction to find the triggers of my clients’ fears, and thereby to change negative thought patterns and behavior. The fears disappear or are released – they lose their power. But by dealing with their fears, my clients are not only freed from these fears, they also experience tangible positive changes in many other parts of their lives. I am always happy to see how my clients are finding life easier to deal with and how, in many situations, they feel noticeably more relaxed than before our collaborative work.

What is particularly important to me as a coach

It is important to me to be able to help people in a concrete and measurable way. Our collaboration is organized efficiently: my clients quickly discover that their fears can be effectively changed and minimized.

My clients’ thoughts and feelings reveal their unconscious convictions and attitudes, which are what trigger or maintain certain fears in the first place. It is precisely these that I draw my clients’ attention to during coaching, in order to analyze the convictions that trigger their fears and, as far as possible, to invalidate them. As a result we can establish new approaches and ways of thinking that don’t leave any room for old fears.

Why less fear means more quality of life

Fears sap a great deal of our energy and can weaken us much more than we realize. In particular, they often prevent us from doing what we really want to do: imagine your life without the burden of fear! What would it be like, how do you think you would you feel? An answer that I frequently hear from my clients: “Everything would be different, I would feel much freer, I would have much more energy, I would be able to do everything that I wanted to do . . .” I firmly believe that every person has the opportunity to live with less fear and to be happier and more successful as a result.

Birgit Böttcher
in Düsseldorf
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