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Are you living life the way you want to? Or do you have the feeling that in certain situations, your life is dominated by fear or apprehension?

There are many different fears that hold us back: fear of making decisions, of exams, relationships, crowds, animals, diseases, visits to the dentist or of flying, only naming an few. The list is endless; fears often influence our lives more than we would like.

Nothing against a good dose of fear: stage-fright can spur us on in a positive way. But anything that goes beyond a normal level of fear can be debilitating and make day-to-day life difficult.

For you, too, there is a way of overcoming fear and breaking down the barriers in your mind. As a coach I would like to support you in this process: so that you feel free again and finally do the things you really want to do.

Fear and anxiety are often triggered suddenly as if by the touch of a button – even in situations that ought to be manageable. During treatment, I teach you new ways of dealing with these random triggers, putting you in a stronger position to take back control. Learning to overcome fear also involves rooting out and eliminating these random triggers so that you can deal more calmly with situations that used to cause you anxiety.

Coaching to overcome fear

During coaching, we work at uncovering the deeper-seated reasons for your fears, if necessary with the help of hypnosis or other fast-acting methods from neuroscience such as NLP and WingWave. This enables unconscious blockages that hindered you in the past to be uncovered and dealt with. In my coaching sessions I always offer a variety of treatment options for overcoming and eliminating fear and anxiety.

Fear can be overcome by freeing yourself from deeply ingrained convictions and patterns of behavior, and replacing these with more instinctive, natural patterns of behavior. You will know that you have succeeded in overcoming your fear when you are able to perceive something that used to frighten you in a completely different light. Once you have overcome your fear with the help of coaching, you will immediately feel freer and stronger. I would be glad to support you in this process of overcoming fear. In an initial, non-binding phone call, I will discuss your situation with you and suggest suitable treatment options.

I would be happy to talk to you about your situation and potential further steps in an initial, no-obligation phone call. I look forward to your e-mail or phone call!

Business Coaching FEARS AT WORK

In Career Coaching the focus is on eliminating the doubts and fears that can arise at every stage of your career. In Burnout Coaching, we analyze your situation in relation to your own high standards and outside pressures.



People face so many fears in everyday life ... The fear of flying, fear of blushing, fear of exams, fear of death, fear of not being good enough … In these coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to deal with your fears and banish them effectively. We’ll also analyze the content of your fears so that they become increasingly superfluous.


Fears in love FEARS IN LOVE

Fears prevent us from connecting with people even when we want to do so. They prevent us from entering into relationships or expressing our needs and wishes, and they make us hesitant about moving relationships to a deeper level.
Because love drives out fear. But fear drives out love.



Intense fear often presents as panic. Panic attacks are basically a physical response to frightening thoughts or situations. You can learn to handle panic attacks so that they fade away again.


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No more panic attacks - This is what most people who suffer from panic attacks wish for. Because panic attacks are violent physical reactions to fear-inducing stimuli or situations that are usually perceived as very unpleasant.