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Jealousy is the overwhelming fear of losing someone;

it is a special form of fear of loss. It arises when we want something or someone and think we could lose it or that person to someone else. Ultimately, however, it is the fear of losing love. The greater the jealousy, the more those affected tend to get caught up in their own thought patterns.

Jealousy can have many causes. In coaching sessions, we’ll discover where YOUR jealousy stems from. Is there a genuine, "objective" reason for this jealousy, or does it rather feed itself on expectations, ideas, and fantasies that have not yet been evaluated? This may need to be questioned and checked for validity. Because most people who suffer from excessive jealousy tend to make a big deal out of minor issues. On the one hand, you will need to become aware of your inviolable limits and then enforce them too. On the other hand, it’s about learning to trust: both your loved one, whose behavior makes you feel insecure, and above all yourself – and to be confident that you’ll be able to deal with all the dreaded worries that you’ve been avoiding, including the thought of losing your loved one.

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