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General Business Conditions

1. Object of the General Business Conditions (GBC)
The General Business Conditions (GBC) govern the contractual relationship between Birgit Böttcher (hereinafter referred to as the Coach) and the Client in the use and execution of and payment for services offered and agreed. They apply for all business transactions with the Client and are an integral component of the contract. Contrary business conditions of the Client are invalid.

2. Exchange of contract
A contract is brought about through order placement by the Client and corresponding order acceptance by the Coach. Order placement by the Client and order acceptance by the Coach may be effected by means of an email, a written order or verbally by means of a telephone order or in person.

3. Right of rescission
The Client is entitled to rescind the order within four weeks after receipt of the order confirmation by the Coach. This right of rescission lapses if, by agreement with the Client, the Coach performs the service before expiry of the deadline, or the Client has already taken up the service.

4. Place and time of activity
The coaching generally takes place in the Coach’s practice or by telephone and also, in exceptional cases, at the Client’s premises. Exceptions may be agreed individually by mutual discussion and consent. The time and/or dates are agreed in the contract. The Coach will commence activity only after exchange of contract.

5. Liability and guarantee
All services and work commissioned will be carried out by the Coach to his best knowledge and ability. All documents, information and data provided to the Coach during provision of the service and all knowledge obtained with regard to the Client will – even after the end of the business relationship and/or the contract entered into – be treated confidentially and not divulged to any third party. The Coach is liable only in the case of willful intent and gross negligence and in the case of legal liability only up to the amount of the order value. The services commissioned will be carried out by the Coach on the contractually agreed date. He will use his best efforts to try and meet the date. If an appointment cannot be kept by one of the parties an alternative date will be agreed. Appointments which cannot be kept by the Client must be cancelled at least forty-eight hours in advance, otherwise half of the agreed fee will be payable.

6. Fee and payment conditions
For services commissioned and provided the fees which are agreed and/or applicable at the relevant time are payable immediately on receipt of the invoice. The Client will make payment in cash by the agreed date or through a bank credit transfer on receipt of the invoice.

7. Jurisdiction agreement and saving clause
The place of jurisdiction and performance is the Coach’s place of residence (Düsseldorf). If one or more provisions in these GBC should be legally ineffective this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

8. Miscellaneous
Through placement of an order with the Coach the Client recognizes the General Business Conditions (GBC).

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