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Fear of faintig überwinden

Between the ages of 15 to 30, schoolchildren, learner drivers, trainees, and students often suffer from anxiety connected with exams, in various forms and strengths. Panic attacks, blackouts, or non-attendance, and thus avoidance are some of the most common symptoms. The causes are either bad experiences with past exams, perfectionism, pressure to perform, or fear of failure. Exam-related anxiety often arises during school time, but sometimes not until later in life. For some, the time to prepare for an exam is already painful, leading to sleep disorders or learning blocks.

In coaching sessions, we’ll approach anxiety connected with exams from two sides: We’ll review its origins – and we’ll seek out all the thoughts and convictions that have since underpinned and sustained the fear of exams. In this way we’ll solve and change the associated fearful moments. You will become more confident from session to session. Our goal is for you to experience a previously feared exam situation in a changed state of mind, and this will lead to a different result: the successful passing of your exam!

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