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Slow Down!

You´ve always been an active, efficient and success-oriented person?

Career Coaching

But increasingly you have the feeling that you can´t live up to your standards or outside demands? Now you have the chance to react in time. Together we will develop a plan that will help you, step by step, to regain your enthusiasm for work and your private life, and thereby to considerably increase your sense of well-being.

Use the Burnout Test to establish whether you already show symptoms that could lead to burnout syndrome.

Burnout Coaching in Three Phases:
1st phase - Critical measures for relieving the strain:

You gain distance from stressful or oppressive issues and recognize your own goals again.

2nd phase - Studying the causes in order to take action:

We find out which fears fuel your zealous dedication to work, your burning desire to succeed; in short, your performance-oriented attitude. We deal with these fears in such a way, that you can develop strategies to reset your priorities.

3rd phase - New prioritization for shaping the future:

By establishing new priorities, we construct an imaginary future. Its implementation requires a changed definition of roles and corresponding changes of behavior. Together we develop new strategies, so that you can once again immerse yourself in your daily work and environment with confidence and enjoyment.

4.Phase - Burnout-Behandlung durch Entspannungstraining:

Ich bringe Ihnen bei, wie Sie sich in den unterschiedlichsten Situationen „selbst runterfahren“ und Abstand zu Belastungen gewinnen. So fühlen Sie sich zunehmend wohler – und die Anspannung weicht.

Birgit Böttcher
in Düsseldorf
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