Böttcher Coaching - NLP in Düsseldorf


The short-term coaching concept WingWave is based on recent findings in the field of brain and memory research: a method that can also be described as neurological coaching.


The key element is bilateral hemisphere stimulation: the left and right sides of the brain are alternately stimulated by a left-right movement of your eyes, which I trigger, or by tactile left-right inputs. This always happens at exactly the moment when you are associatively in “your issue”...

This method is based on the function of night-time dreams to integrate the previous day’s events into our psyche. In the REM phase of sleep, our eyes move very rapidly back and forth behind our lids as we dream. The wave therefore sets a familiar process in motion, which has a sustained positive effect on the issue being worked on. New solution-oriented networks are established in the brain. Neurological impulses are released, other neuronal “paths” are established, not only during the sessions but often also in the following hours. Many of my clients tell me how they literally feel how their brains have continued to “work” on the issue. Fear and all related feelings and ways of experiencing can thus be positively changed in the long term.