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Fürchten Sie sich vor dem Tod oder vor dem Sterben?

Fear of illness - Anxietis connected with Corona

The fear of illness can make a person very unhappy. Some people latch on to a different illness every week – often depending on what others are talking about in their environment. Others are afraid of a very particular illness, either because it’s spreading rapidly (like corona), or because they feel particularly at risk due to either preexisting conditions or genetic predisposition.

At present, the number of fears triggered by corona seems endless. People fear they’ll be infected; they fear they’ll fall seriously ill, be unable to provide for themselves, lose their job, not have enough money, lose their relatives, die, run out of toilet paper ...

In coaching sessions, we’ll explore the root cause of your fear and find a way to liberate you from it. Because even though LOTS of people are currently plagued by similar fears, e.g., the fear of not having enough money, your own personal fears will never be identical to your neighbor’s fears. Your fears are shaped by your own PERSONAL circumstances and situation ... so the way out has to be equally PERSONAL. We’ll find it together in your coaching session!

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