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Do you feel that you are heading towards burnout? Answer the following questions spontaneously for yourself. This will help you to establish whether you are in danger of overexerting yourself.

I’m afraid I’m not achieving enough.
I’m afraid I’m not good enough.
I’m afraid of taking on too much responsibility.
I’m afraid of conflicts with colleagues and bosses.
I’m afraid to say 'No'.
I often feel that I’m not in control of my life; that I’m at the mercy of events.
I rarely show what’s really on my mind.
I find it hard to concentrate.
My creativity has plummeted.
I feel more and more stressed.
I am increasingly irritable.
I am increasingly suffering from health issues.
I sleep badly at night.
I feel empty inside.
I increasingly have the feeling that it’s all too much for me.
I’m neglecting my hobbies.
I hardly spend any time with my friends anymore.
I’m withdrawing from my family.
I’m spending less and less time with my partner.
I’m afraid to take control and make changes.
I turn to alcohol more often than I used to.
I feel hopeless.
Breaks feel like a waste of time to me.
Many things seem pointless to me.
I feel harassed.
I have too little time.
I can’t accept that there are some things I can’t change.
I’m dissatisfied with the state of my life at the moment.
There is little in my life that I feel in control of.
I’m afraid of not achieving what I intended in life.
I’m irritated by colleagues, bosses, or friends.
I feel exploited.
I’m afraid that I won’t have enough support when I really need it.
I’m afraid that if I underperform I will suffer negative consequences.
I don’t enjoy my job.
I feel empty.
I don’t have any energy for the things that are most important to me.
I don’t know what is really important to me.
I’m afraid of not being appreciated enough.
I’m afraid of getting ill.

Result: The more test questions that you answered with “yes”, the more you are probably overexerting yourself. However, this test cannot and should not substitute a diagnosis by a doctor.

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