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Social phobia

The fear of getting too much attention when being with other people, or doing something embarrassing or “stupid” is a common fear that goes beyond natural shyness or “normal” introversion. Underneath lies almost always the fear of being viewed negatively by others. Sometimes this has arisen from past experiences with bullying or teasing, but sometimes only due to a lack of positive experiences with peers. If this fear has been present in your life for a long time and already led you avoiding meetings and get-togethers with other people, then your competence may also decrease due to a lack of practice to act confidently.

In coaching sessions, we’ll investigate and process the origin of your fear. What’s more, I’ll give you tips on how to behave differently and how to deal with your symptoms in a new way – so that from session to session you become more confident and authentic and can finally feel comfortable around other people again. 

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