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There is a connection between the way we deal with heartache, and the way we deal with fears and anxieties.

When someone’s heart is broken, they suffer and are anxious in many different ways. Through my work and experience with a wide range of clients, I have encountered the almost endless number of factors that play a role here.The various symptoms and feelings which accompany heartache prevent many people from being truly happy – and most of them have deeply rooted, complex causes.

More and more often, people are asking me about anxieties connected with loss, commitment, and other aspects. For this reason, I have decided to organize an online summit on the subject of heartache and anxieties connected with love. For the summit, I talked to 21 top experts including Veit Lindau, Stefanie Stahl, Eva-Maria Zurhorst, and Sabrina Fox to provide deeper insights into heartache, self-love, grief, and the fear of loss. During the conference, participants will learn about lots of different options and approaches for dealing with heartache so that it becomes meaningful and can be overcome more quickly.

Some Information about the Online-Summit

Online-Summit-Interview with Veit Lindau about heartache and fear of loss

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