Böttcher Coaching

Release the Brake!

In personal coaching ....

... we gain direct access to your inner being

Angst überwinden

With the help of guided hypnosis and the latest neuroscientific methods such as EMDR or WingWave, we uncover the hidden triggers of your fears. You will learn to recognize unconscious processes, unmask inner resistances and understand which experiences and destructive thoughts give rise to your fears and block your ability to act. This conscious awareness is the first step to making changes.

... new behavioral strategies replace old patterns

Goals that you had written off are once again within reach, because with methods such as NLP and "The Work" we unravel debilitating connections between past experiences, thought processes and fears. As a result you are able to react differently and to experience previously difficult situations much more positively.

... relaxation and strength of mind are at the top of the agenda

If required, we can develop personal techniques that will help you to quickly relax and unwind in your day-to-day life. By achieving a healthy distance from previous stress catalysts, you now remain calm and collected in difficult situations. Focus your thoughts and you are on the home straight!


I would be happy to talk to you about your situation and potential further steps in an initial, no-obligation phone call. I look forward to your e-mail or phone call!

Birgit Böttcher
in Düsseldorf
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