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Fürchten Sie sich vor dem Tod oder vor dem Sterben?

Fear of public speaking

Presenting something doesn’t just mean standing in front of a group and telling or showing something, but also that the listener’s attention is focused on the lecturer.

If you’re afraid of being the center of attention, if worry you might not be able to answer a question, if you’re unsure whether you can think of the right thing to say at the time, or if you’re too respectful of authorities, then you’re likely to suffer from presentation anxiety. But your fear may also be caused by negative experiences in your past: for example, excessive demands in childhood in similar situations or an embarrassing situation at school that is still having an effect. If you avoid presentations now, this can have a negative impact on your studies or career.

In coaching sessions, we’ll shed light on past situations that have hampered your development and deploy custom techniques that are tailored to your individual problem to overcome your fear – so that you can finally deliver a great performance once again! In coaching sessions, I’ll teach you a completely new way of dealing with it, which greatly reduces the likelihood of this reaction occurring, although it can’t actually be influenced. 

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